What is Cast It

castmanager cms beheersysteem beeldschermenCast It narrowcasting allows you to easily communicate and interact with your audience through the cloud. With one mouse click you can show content, from the internet or from your own database, with automatic display on any screen at any location anywhere in the world. Whether it's a video, environmental information, the latest posts on Facebook or interactive communication with your audience ... Cast It is involving crowds!

You always have the latest information on your screens and you will be guaranteed to keep up with the latest developments. Additionally, Cast It is bendable to your specific needs. Cast It is suitable for both small businesses and multinationals.

You can already use Cast It from € 19,- per month. Engage your audience in a contemporary way with your business or brand and start today with Cast It narrowcasting of Future Forward. See our portfolio.

For everyone

With Cast It narrowcasting you have a modern communications platform and you create as it were your own television channel or cable news. However, many industries require targeted solutions. There are apps for the industry to promote safety. The real estate sector can deploy Cast It to support the facility management. In healthcare Cast It is an asset in the waiting room. And consider, as a service to visitors, for the hospitality industry for example HotelTv, for sports clubs GolfTv, etc.